Frequently Asked Questions

What is an automatic standby generator?

As the name implies, it automatically supplies power to the home when utility fails without the homeowner having to do anything. 

How does it work?

The automatic standby generator is part of a system with two major components, the generator and automatic transfer switch. The automatic transfer switch determines if the home‘s electricity will come from the utility source or from the generator. When utility power fails, the generator senses this, and automatically starts powering the home through the transfer switch. When utility power is restored, the generator also senses this and the transfer switch automatically disconnects the generator power and switches back to utility power. 

What are some of the disadvantages of using a portable generator during a power outage?

Portable generators require a significant amount of work on the homeowners part. It is especially difficult if the power goes out in the middle of the night or during a major storm. Moving the generator outside, adding fuel, starting it, running extension cords to the appliances, going back inside and plugging in the appliances are required. Then, every few hours shutting off the generator, waiting for it to cool, adding fuel, and restarting it. When the utility power is restored, the homeowner has to unplug the extension cords, shut down the generator and wait for it to cool before storing it indoors, drain the fuel tank or add fuel treatment to preserve the gasoline during storage. If you’re away from home when the power fails and can’t connect your portable generator, it doesn’t work. 

What are the advantages of an automatic home standby generator?

No physical work required on the homeowners part. In less than a minute of the utility power failing, the generator is automatically supplying electricity to the home. Essential  components such as electric heating and central air conditioning can be powered by the automatic standby generator that may otherwise not be able to be powered by a portable generator. The heat will stay on preventing frozen pipes to burst, sump pumps will run preventing basement flooding, refrigerators and freezers will be powered preserving food, In the summertime central air conditioning will run preventing mold growth. Electricity from an automatic standby generator is cleaner and more stable than a portable generator. Sensitive electronics such as low voltage lighting, televisions, stereo systems, and computers critical to running a home business will be powered without interruption.

How do I know which generator is right for my home?

Based on the size of your home, the amount of electricity it requires, and your needs, we can specify the  right  generator  for  any  application.

What kind of maintenance does my generator require?

Two  service  calls  per  year.  The  first  one is to  perform  the  annual  maintenance. The  second  visit  six  months  later  is to  perform  a  thorough system check to ensure everything is operating at one hundred percent. We strictly adhere to the manufacturers recommended intervals for maintenance and replacing  parts.  

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